Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decorations

I made this simple fall displays with materials I found in the yard. Grab a large bag, scissors, and some gloves and head outside. Just start chopping down plants that have great visual texture. Don’t think so much about it all matching…the wilder the better.

Grab some greenery to break up the browns from shrubs.

Don’t forget leaves on trees. The beautiful color display in the fall will light up your display.

Bring your materials in the house, grab a vase, and start arranging. Build a taller back and have shorter pieces hanging out toward the front of the vase. Drap the foliage to hang over the sides.

To make the candles simply wrap decorative paper around a drinking glass. Glue to seal the edges and add a votive inside the glass. Make sure to make different heights to increase the drama in the display.

Voila! Decorate tables, enterways, or mantels.

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