Deep Fried Turkey

I have dreamed of seeing a big turkey frying. I’ve heard stories of garbage cans, big flames, and lots of hot oil. It sounded way to messy and dangerous for me to ever try. I was in fear the day would never come that I would get to savor the crispy skin.

This past Thanksgiving while visiting some old friends up in Syracuse, NY the opportunity presented itself. I heard a rumor the neighbors down the street would be frying in the morning and we were more then welcome to bring an extra bird. I lied awake that night in anticipation and a bit drunk from hanging out at the local bar.

The turkey frying began at 11am. I was there ready with about a 14 lb. bird and coffee in hand. The Neveldines seemed to be cooking for the whole neighborhood. Multiple turkeys were lined up waiting to get deep-fried. Neighbors strolled in with their birds, ate snacks while the birds cooked, and then left with the prize in hand. I love this tradition!

It turns out deep frying a turkey has come a long way since I first heard about it years ago. Mrs. Neveldine told me she bought her electric turkey fryer at JCPennys for about a $100. The procedure was quite easy and simple. You warm the oil, place the turkey in, cook 4 minutes for every pound and in about 50 minutes we had crispy bird.

We saved ours for the “picking turkey”. The skin was the best part: super crispy and salty. The rest of the bird sat on the corner for the remainder of the afternoon while relatives strolled by and took a little nibble.

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