Christmas Trimmings

It’s that time of year again. As we prepare for the holidays remember to take stock of your decorations before purchasing your tree. You’ll save yourself a headache of tangled cords and burnt out lights.

My Christmas trees tends to be a mix of handmade, family heirlooms, and new vintage finds. My secret source for inexpensive ornaments is Martha Stewart’s Everyday line at Kmart. Martha always has a great selection of vintage inspired favorites and new classic twists. My favorite: shatterproof balls in multiple jewel toned colors. Shatterproof balls will save your life. No more opening box that have been tucked away all year to find them all broken. The colored balls mix well with my family pieces and give the tree a great vintage 1950’s Christmas feel.

Top left: Sugarplum Dreams 12-Pk Ball Ornaments, $5. Yuletide Cheer Straw and Bead Ornament, $3 each. Woodland Holiday Metal Flower Ornament, $4 each. Golden Traditions 2-Pk Wire Glitter Snowflake Ornament, $5.

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