Stripe Paintings

The Stripe paintings are part of large series of paintings that work with color and compostion. In my former life, I was Textile Design major in college. I loved textile design but I got a C- in this stripes & plaids rendering class. I just couldn’t get the stripes to be perfectly straight!

So this is my version. I love that my stripes have such terrific energy and personality. Straight lines are boring. The painting on top is really tactile…the image doesn’t give it justice.

I have a huge collection of striped grosgrain ribbon that gives me my inspiration. Go to a great ribbon shop on 38th street and 6th avenue in NYC. I can’t remember the name…it’s around the corner from M&J. Anyway, great shop that is filled with tons of striped ribbon.

So I am going to dig up some more stuff to amuse you. Let me know what you find inspring or fun?

I am always available via e-mail for questions.

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  1. Katy! i love those paintings! can i please buy some?
    could you share your technique in making the paintings?
    i do not want to copy, but i would like to do my own version and incorporate that style into my work.

    please email me!

    love, router


  2. hello,
    I am an art student and at the moment I am studying your stripe paintings! I would be so grateful if you could display a couple more of your paintings in order for me to display and write about them.
    Thanks for your time.