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Planting Bulbs

Posted on | October 16, 2005 | Comments Off on Planting Bulbs

There are two actions in planting bulbs.

  • Step 1:Remembering to buy the bulbs.
  • Step 2:Plant the bulbs before the ground is frozen.

I usually get Step 1 done but rarely follow through with Step 2.
This year I was successful! I even managed to get three types of flowers that will flower from Early Spring – Late Spring. How fantastic am I?
Planting bulbs is really easy. You can pick up bulbs at any local nursery. Pick bulbs that bloom at different times. You can find this information on the package. This way you will be able to enjoy beautiful flowers all Spring. More bang for your effort!

Make sure you pick- up a trowel or a bulb digger thing. The instructions on the bulbs package will tell you how far to space them and how deep they should be placed in the ground.
BIG TIP: Plant bulbs facing up! The hairy end roots should be on the bottom pointy parts should be facing up.
I planted pink and brown Tulips! I can’t wait for Spring.
Notable Bulb Related Websites:
Fall Bulbs from Nature Hills Nursery
White Flower Farm
University of Minnesota’s Planting Guide

Room and Board

Posted on | October 3, 2005 | Comments Off on Room and Board

Buying your first adult couch is a daunting task. What if I hate it 2 years? What if I make a safe choice and end up with this boring conservative slug? What if it gets stained? What if the couch is ugly but comfortable or design envious but hard as a board?

After 2 months of searching, 5 tanks of gas, 10 train tickets to New York, and about 4 fights with my boyfriend to just pick one. I have found my love!

Room and Board was a great store I found in Soho. Think of Room and Board as the cooler sister to Crate and Barrel. Majority of the showroom has hip mid-century modern pieces mixed in with their signature Room and Board line.

The Modern 88 “ Sofa was a great choice for me. The basic shape, deep seats, square arms, and fluffy pillows met all my requirements. I choose a chocolate brown velvet upholstery, which upgraded the look and gave the basic shape some sophisticated styling.

Room and Board was great because there was not a huge mark –up for choosing custom upholstery. My chocolate velvet was considered a high-end fabric. In the end it only increased the overall price by $100. I also received 4 throw pillows for no additional cost.

The price was reasonable. The final cost for my purchase was $1600 with tax, delivery, and scotch guard.

Checkout their website to view all Room and Board’s products.

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