Lustre featuring Mibo

Mibo, a UK-based designed firm has gained tremendous popularity from its well designed pendent lamps. Mibo has partnered with Lustre to help distribute products to its growing fan club here in the states.

On Lustre’s website you can find all of Mibo’s great lamps, online shopping, and a list of retail stores carrying the line.

I especially love Mibo’s new wallpaper collection. With names like Clacket Lane and Pease Pottage you are sure to think of English Countryside Décor. The prints would be absolutely adorable in a small hallway or entryway.

If wallpaper seems like too much of a commitment try a sassy graphic lamp! Check out the entire selection of well designed Lamps on Lustre’s site. Any Mibo product will make a small space instantly come alive!

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