Floral Frogs

A Floral Frog is a great trick of the trade! I found the best prices for frogs at 28th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.

A Floral Frog is a clever way to make floral arrangements look rounder and fuller. There are many types of frogs. The one I used looks like a flat, metal, round, pincushion. Flowers easily affix into the metal and allow for a sturdy upward shape.

I used a 4 ½ inch Frog ($11.99) in my container to create a low, dense, rounded-shape. Use foliage you collect from your garden to create contrast in your arrangement. Using foliage as a filler will also help to fill in gaps or holes.

Roses create a romantic feel when arranged in a large tight bunch. This beautiful http://www.jamaligarden.com
has a great site. Beautiful planters and vases at unbelievably cheap prices!

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