Archie’s Island Chairs

I adore Archie’s Island Chairs! The delightful and colorful furniture is perfect for any backyard, garden, or porch. A set of Round Back Chairs would be splendid in my laid-back loft!

Archie’s furniture line includes various brightly colored lounge chairs, dining sets, and tables.

All the furniture is made of solid mahogany. Primed in alkyld enamel and finished with a marine enamel to give the furniture a shiny no-fade gloss.

The extra special wood and paint means Archie’s products don’t come cheap. The plus side: Your Round Back Chair ($450.00) will last a lifetime. I say, “Worth Every Penny!

Surf Blue, Mango, Bonfire are just a few of the 12 different colors that make Archie’s products so special. Explore Archie’s Island Chairs website to see all the different colors and furniture.

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